Access control

Securing the perimeter so people can't get in

Door Access Control Systems allow you to control who enters your premises, and can be customised to control an entire area, or even just specific sections.

Door Access Control Systems are the first layer in securing your premises – by controlling who comes in, where they are able to go, and where they exit, you are able to protect your staff, your and their property and safety, critical data and product areas and Intellectual Property.

Our systems range from basic voice and video entry phones to PIN and swipe-card operated locks.

Door Access Control Systems are highly effective in granting the correct people access to secure areas such as laboratories, safes, areas storing sensitive information, areas with high levels of danger that require specific training and protective equipment and more. By setting certain permissions, you can ensure that the right people are able to access areas relevant to their status within the security system.

Swipe card systems

These are customisable Door Access Control Systems which can be installed to a single door or to numerous access points to restrict access to just approved personnel or visitors.

Why use a swipe card system?

  • Quick and easy to install, with very little inconvenience
  • Complete monitoring of all cards, with access level changes from a single program
  • Cancel cards if lost or stolen
  • Cost-effective

Intercom Systems

Our Intercom Systems range from standard one-way audio entry systems to complex digital or analogue video entry systems. Our components are carefully sourced from selected superior manufacturers, ensuring that your system is reliable, efficient and of the highest quality.

Speech and video intercom panels can be made of high-quality stainless steel, brass or chrome and can be tailor-made to any size to suit your particular design requirements.

Why use an Intercom System?

  • Being able to hear, talk to and see visitors at your access points gives you a excellent additional layer of security and access control.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

In the commercial arena the ability to accurately and consistently capture vehicle number plates, together with a colour overview of the vehicle is very effective. In addition to congestion charging, ANPR technology is being used to provide reliable and accurate business solutions for:

  • Time-restricted parking enforcement
  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Fully-automated gatehouses
  • Efficient vehicle access control
  • Buildings with limited parking spaces

This facility dovetailed to one of our CCTV applications provides the user with a powerful tool for monitoring, recording, and searching not only ANPR records but also images associated with those records.

We also offer other forms of Biometric access control systems ie. Hands-Free, Fingerprint readers and Iris Recognition readers.

Why use Automatic Number Plate Recognition?

ANPR cameras offer a range of benefits for businesses who want to maintain security and access control to their premises. By automatically matching a vehicle’s number plate to the database of approved persons, ANPR systems can limit access to only authorised vehicles. This also prevents the sharing of boom remotes or tags.

ANPR systems can automatically raise booms faster and more efficiently than guards, saving time and costs.

ANPR systems can also be connected to databases that flag suspicious vehicles, alerting your security team to potentially dangerous individuals before they enter your premises, and helping to prevent crimes such as vehicle or property theft.

For all your business security needs contact the experts cctvguru Systems. 

Why is access control important?
Why is access control important?

1. Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Building access control systems primarily allow only the people you know to use your building. Unwanted intrusion comes in many forms – employees or visitors may intentionally try to gain unauthorized access to restricted areas, or impostors could try to infiltrate your building to carry out theft or threaten the safety of your staff. There are also cases of visitors who might lose their way while inside your facility.

2. Industrial Safety

You can use appropriate access control systems to prevent industrial accidents. For instance, you can define the specific people who are able to access hazardous areas within the facility.

3. Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Building access control systems are essential to monitor and deal with criminal activity. Whether by an internal employee or an unauthorised outsider, burglary, vandalism and arson can be prevented using appropriate access control systems. Businesses with visible, comprehensive and integrated security systems including door access control and CCTV, for example, are far less likely to suffer criminal activity and damage.

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