Alarm Systems

Finding out if someone does get in

Fire and theft are primary threats to business safety and security. Both threats can cause major cost and disruption to your business activities, and destroy or expose highly-valuable assets, including your confidential Intellectual Property. Our Alarm Installations are SSAIB approved.

Alarm systems

Early detection is key in protecting your premises, and having a professionally-installed, customised and high-quality Alarm System is the starting point. Your alarm system provides the first vital layer of protection against the threat of intruders or vandals, who may set out to steal your assets or break into to your property.

All professional commercial alarm systems should be regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance, and ideally should be monitored by a professional security response team to ensure you are notified immediately if the alarm system is triggered by a potential intruder.

Why have an alarm system?

  • First layer in security
  • Protects your vital assets
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Provides vital evidence in the event of an insurance claim

Fire Systems

Businesses are legally and morally responsible for providing a safe environment for their employees, so implementing and maintaining a secure fire alarm system is essential.

Business security systems that are professionally installed and regularly maintained reduce the number of false alarms that lead to wasted time and inconvenience, and ensure that when actual emergencies occur, the response times are fast and effective. You are also able to monitor Carbon Monoxide levels in the office environment, and 24/7 monitoring gives you peace of mind when the premises are unoccupied.

Why have a fire system?

  • Moral obligations and legal compliance is covered
  • 24/7 peace of mind
  • Protecting your valuable assets with early detection of problems and emergencies
  • Reducing insurance premiums and validating any claims

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Frequently asked questions:

There are a number of factors that impact on the cost of a business security system, including size of premises, number of access points, type of business, location, expansion requirements, number of sites and more. Each business's requirements will thus differ, but these can all be factored into a quotation to ensure your needs are met.
There are a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing an appropriate alarm system. Ease of use, how and where the system is monitored, insurance requirements, what areas need to be covered, cost, flexibility and complexity are all considerations that we can help with.
There are a number of responses that can be programmed if your alarm activates, including ringing for a pre-determined length of time before silencing and automatically re-activating, calling a response from your monitoring team, sending you a message or image, and more. You can work with your security company to determine what the best protocols are in case of your alarm activating.
We know how important your safety and security is, and we will work with you to ensure the right system is specified, installed, tested and activated as fast as possible within an agreed timescale.
Alarm systems are fitted with back-up batteries to keep the system operational for up to 24 hours during a mains failure. There will be a problem indicator on your keypad and there can be other programmed alerts to let you know the power has failed, and if the system is monitored a signal will be sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre which will notify them of a mains failure and you will then be contacted. A PIN code may be required on mains restore. Got another question?